Welcome to Aarhus Yacht Harbor and Aarhus Motorboat Club.

Aarhus Yacht Harbor is a national and international sailing and water sports center.

Here is a life of sailors, rowers, fishermen, wooden ship enthusiasts, beach hunters, divers, SUPs, sea swimmers and countless other water and sailing sports enthusiasts, sea museum and more.

Aarhus Yacht Harbor is located as part of Aarhus Ø and is the "new" district in Aarhus. The area attracts both young and old and offers, among other things, good restaurants, a harbor bath, offices, housing, and a supermarket.

The harbor has less than 15 min. walk to the city center, where, among other things, the Latin Quarter is worth a visit.

Facts of the harbor:

26 clubs and associations.

Lots of races, national and international championchip annually plus international sailing events typically every other year.

650 stationary boats and ships.

2,300 quay meters.

Thousands of club members.

13,500 guest sailors overnight stay per year.

Tens of thousands of visiting sailors, guests, rowers, divers, fishermen etc. yearly.

Unique living Wooden Ship Harbor.

Hundreds of thousands of other visitors annually.


Aarhus Motorboat Club.

Inside the harbor on the port side is the Aarhus MotorbådKlub AMK, which was established on 20 November 1930. 

There is room for everyone here - motorboats, sailboats, small boats, large boats, we are a club that embraces everyone.

Port rent is to be paid after arrival, at the payment machine in the clubhouse on the Kystpromenaden 6 - 8000 Aarhus C. Prices according to the price list on the website. Codes for the toilet and shower are printed together with the payment label receipt. Remember to put it visibly on the boat so the Harbor Guard can check the payment.

Aarhus Motorbådklub wishes you and your crew a nice stay here in Aarhus Marina.






Waste is delivered in a container at the parking lot at AMK's clubhouse. - Environmentally hazardous waste is delivered in a container by the crane at the port.



There are toilets in the clubhouse that all paying guests can use.

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There are 2 bathrooms in the clubhouse, a bath costs DKK 5.00, which is to be placed in the box on the wall.

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Fuel, Black/ Grey water tank

Diesel can be bought on the west side of the Harbor. Here is also suction for emptying the Holding tank.


Barbecues are not allowed on bridges, but up on the quay area there are dining areas in several places. You are also welcome as a paying guest to use the clubhouse terrace.


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Free WIFI is provided at the port.


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There is electricity on all bridges, which can be used freely once the port fee has been paid.


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There is a playground in several places, both for young and old.


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City bikes 

In the summer, there are city bikes located in several places on the harbor.


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In the immediate vicinity of the Club is a well-assorted supermarket, several bars and restaurants, Food Market, Cafés, and ice cream shops.


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The City of Smiles offers it all.

On the harbor itself there is the EYE OF AARHUS. Aarhus Øje gives you an experience out of the ordinary. You can get close and study life below sea level, explore Aarhus' landmarks, find out how to build Denmark's tallest building - and of course get right up to the top level of Aarhus Øje and enjoy the view at a height of 142 meters.

You can also rent a SUP board from SURF AGENCY + much more.

The nearest museums are only 10 minutes away. walk away, Old Town a bit further away, but generally you can walk a short distance to many sights.

See more at: 



Below is a link to VISIT Aarhus (tourist guide), where you can find a lot of experiences in the city and in the surrounding area.


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